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Our Learn to Skate known as, Canskate is a world renowned program in Canada. Skaters are taught by professional, certified coaches that will teach your child the basic fundamental skills of figure skating. This pathway is also beneficial for skaters who wish to go into hockey or speed skating. With a well structured program and great coaches your child will develop great skills and a passion for a continued education in our sport.

Requirements: Must be 3 years of age and up to register. No Experience and previous experience is welcomed. “Learn to skate is the beginning stage to learn a new skill and foster a love for figure skating. Through our structured and continuous circuits, your child will learn the basic fundamentals of Figure SkatingClient Login

Talent ID

Your Child has shown tremendous strength and a love for Figure Skating. In this program your child will be learning more in depth training for the last few stages of our Canskate program. In addition your child will be developing more in depth figure skating skills such as the Star 1: jumping, spinning, stroking and dance.

Requirements: Must have passed at least Stage 4 or have been asked to move up from one of our coaches.Client Login

Junior Elite

Is the next Stage after the Completion of our Talent ID Program. Our Program is The curriculum offers a more in depth training of Figure Skating. With structured groups, independent training and dryland training your child will develop and foster a continued education in Figure Skating

Requirements: Skaters are in the Star 1,2 and 3 level. Synchro Skater: Beginner, Pre JuvenileClient Login


By this stage your child has developed a huge passion for Figure Skating and is following the training regimen given. With continued Figure Skating education your child will begin to compete and test the skills they are learning. The Pre- Elite offers both on and off the ice classes. With Structured groups, Private lessons, independent training and dryland training your child will be sure to excel.

Requirements: Star 3 - 5 Level, Pre Juvenile - Pre Novice. Synchro Skater: Juvenile, Intermediate, Pre Novice, Novice,Client Login


At this stage your child is committed to the training regimen of a Provincial, National and International Skater. This level offers group lessons, private lessons and mandatory dryland training.

Requirements: Star 7- Gold Novice - Senior level Synchro: Junior, SeniorClient Login

Advanced Development Skating - Power Skating

For hockey players only. Hockey players will develop stronger skating skills to help them flourish on the ice. From Stride work, turning, edge work and more your child will be sure to excel in a game.

Requirements: Passed a minimum of badge 4 Learn to Skate Program A, AA, AAA, JR.A
Private lessons are also available upon a request and is separate to this program
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Adult Program

We offer a 50 min Adult session session. 20 min in a structured group class. The remaining 30 minutes you can skate on your own or request a private lesson for additional development on your skills.

Requirements: No experience neededClient Login